Wednesday, February 08, 2006

mizry of buddy don: hopin fer the best

i gut to wurk yesterdy ok, but i wuz fitin the urge to vomit till around 1:30 folks gut to tellin me i wuz lookin awe full, witch taint no wunder on a counta i had dun started dry heavin. so i tole my boss i had to go, witch she sed she could see it by lookin at me. whenever i gut home, i dun everthang i could to keep from vomitin ceptn fer takin zomig, witch i am so sick of the zomig feelin that i almost druther vomit. miz bd dun sum reiki on me n used sum aromatherpy, witch it wurked good a nuff to keep me frum upchuckin.

this mornin i woke hopin fer the best, witch thats my mantra these days -- hopin fer the best -- but i am sick n caint pertend otherwise. miz bd has kindly agreed she wood fite the fone battle to try to git me in to see my primary keer docter.

i shore do wish i could thank bout sumthin else fer a change ... i used to luv life n wurk, but now it seems lack thay aint a sangle good opshun lef (caint even drank no sip of sangle malt scotch whenever i am sick lack this).

here is hopin i am better a nuff be tomorrow to make a reglar entry, witch in other words, heres hopin fer the best.


Deb said...

Buddy Don, I'm so sorry you're not well. I really hope your wife can get you in to your primary care physician this week (today, even!). Your suffering has been going on way too long and the severity of it..well, it worries me.

You take care and let us know how things are progressing when you can.

I'll be thinking of you!!

Anne Johnson said...

Two weeks and I'm already addicted to Wandering Hillbilly! Buddy Don, tonight in your honor, prayers will be offered to Queen Brighid the Bright, awesome ancient goddess of the Scots/Irish people, from which we hillbillies descend.

Margot100 said...

Please remember to mention Elavil (amytriptaline, or some such spelling) as a preventive med for migraine. There are others which I tried and couldn't take.
I was sick like you for a long time, and finally found 1) I had high BP, so got on meds for that, and 2) started taking 25 mg. of Elavil at bedtime. Only had one migraine in the last year or more, and it was a mild one.
Also, taking the migraine med shoots the BP right up, so it was pretty dangerous but I didn't know I had the elevated blood pressure at the time.
Very best wishes.

Margot100 said...

By 'migraine med' I meant Zomig.

Tennessee Jed said...

I wish I could help more than wishing you well.

red molly said...

I miss your post. I hope you are feeling better.