Thursday, February 23, 2006

pallgies to them i tagged n then dint splain whut i had tagged ye to do. heres a reeminder. furst, ye putt yer blog at the bottom of the furst list n knock off the topn.

furst is the list:
  1. Rex L.
  2. Aunt B.
  3. Newscoma
  4. Tennessee Jed
  5. wandering hillbilly
nex, check this list to see ifn i tagged ye, witch i dint hardly know who to pick:
  1. deb at sugarfused
  2. eric at straight white guy
  3. omni at omniverse
  4. anne johnson at the gods are bored
  5. steve at whites creek
now fer whut yer spozed to do, witch yer eggspeckted to anser the follerin questchuns, listed below with my ansers.

What were you doing ten years ago?
i wuz a'livin over in man hattan. i had jes moved frum 9th ave n 58th street to 56th street twixt park n lexington. twuz the secunt time i had ever moved my fish tank, witch i gut a catfish name of felix jes after movin n i still gut im.

twuz a year of moves on a counta i wuz wurkin as a vice presdint fer a wall street firm name of oldbank. they wuz movin frum one part of midtown to a nuthern. twuz a big job n meant wurkin verr long hours, speshly on the weekend. we wood wurk fridy, go home n take a nap, cum back at midnite n then wurk till we wuz dun checkin everthang, witch twuz sumtime in the afternoon of the nex day.

What were you doing one year ago?
last year at this time, i wuz in the midst of a long strang of migraine attacks. this time of year is verr hard fer me n i been strugglin not to be sick all the time. but last year, thonly thang i could thank bout wuz whuther i wuz a'gone lose my job on a counta bein sick, witch i wurry bout the same thang this verr day n hope i kin git sumthin that will make thangs better (i go see sumbidy at the new york sleep institute this afternoon sos i kin have a sleep study dun to find out ifn the problem is sleep apnea).

Five snacks you enjoy:
avocados, whuther jes sliced with a lil dressin on em or putt into guacamole
soft cheeses n crackers (brie or st andre or camembert n such)
walker shortbread cookies

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
you've got to be carefully taught (from south pacific n speshly useful at the moment on a counta the portgate thang going on: we amurkins has dun been carefully taught to be suspishus of all thangs arab n muslim, witch that splains the feedin frenzy on thisn frum bof sides)
it's all right, ma (i'm only bleeding) by bob dylan (n minny a nuther dylan song)
the boxer by simon & garfunkel (n near ever other paul simon song)
hard times (stephen foster classick)
one by u2

Five Bad Habits
eatin too much on weekends
gittin migraines
whinin about gittin migraines
eatin by duty, not desire (same thang fer brakefuss or whutever, ever sangle day)
ritin punditry in sted of fictshun

Five Things You Like Doing
bein with miz bd doin innythang
playin guitar (or piano or mandolin)
listnin to musick

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again
leishure suit
long hair (aint gut nun)
clean shaved face (caint stand scrapin it everday, so i wear a beard)
basketball uniform
softball uniform (last two on a counta havin back surgery n bein forbid to play either game)

Five favert toys
computer keybird

ackshly, i lack whut jed had to say bout thisn: 'All of life is a toy if you look at it right. I have been looking at it wrong for too long.' thisn wurks purrfeck fer me.

have a grate day. to make a comment, ye gut to click on 'link' below.


red molly said...

The five snacks you enjoy are some of the best foods...I like them all.

I have a funny story about the song Hard Times which I will tell you about it next time I'm in Manhatten.

Don't ever feel like you are whinning about migraines.

Good luck at the sleep clinic.

Anne Johnson said...

I dun alreddy got tagged with this by Chad Edwards, but sumhow the questions was a little differnt.

Laak, thar was no questun bout songs I kin sang from bginnin to end.

Ma granny, now sleepin wif Confederate Dead, she knew lotsa old ballads datin to Crusades. I kin sang sum of them. And all Bill Monroe's big hits. And most everthang recorded by the Seldom Scene Bluegrass, who I met em all and they was right nice.

They's an ol-timey mountain song about a moonshaaner, and I name my preshus oldes daughter after it. But rest of big city world think it a boy name, and she all time have trubble people who never met her thank she's a guy.

My favrit toy is books. Has bin since I a lil gal.

BD, everone I knows who gots migraines suffers laak a dog. Gonna go visit god-checker see if they a certain bored god fer headaches. God of good sleep be Morpheus, but don pray to that guy, he a bad dude.

Tennessee Jed said...

buddy don, friend teacher, I can not begin to express how flattered I am that a well educated, super smart and creative writer like yourself finds anything worth repeating that I might place on a page.

I find your journey through the pain and hassle of your affliction to be a very creative expression. A man sharing his life and times both good and bad in the way you do is not whinning in the least. Furthermore I know (as Prophet of the Obvious) your dedication to the hillbilly lingo is a true treasure and will someday be of great value to the thinking/teaching world.