Monday, February 20, 2006

pinions of buddy don: our cowardly addministrayshun

i been contemplatin whut bothers me most bout the bush addministrayshun. thays plenty to choose frum, as ye know: (1) arrogunt? (2) corrupt? (3) incompetunt? (4) polar-eyesin? (5) criminal? (6) deceitful? (7) dangeruss (8) gummint-growin? (9) deficit-eggsplodin? (10) reality-challenged? (11) etc?

but as i watchd em goin thru damage cuntrol over dick cheneys acksident i finely real eyesed whut rilly bothers me bout em the most: thar a cowardly addministrayshun.

bof mr bush n mr cheney wuz skeerd to go to veetnam n cum up with ways to git out of it.


mr bush dun it by hidin in the texas air nashnull guard, witch he add mitts that wuz bettern dischargin a shotgun nex to his ear n gittin out of it thataway.


mr cheney gut hisself five strate deeferments frum veetnam on a counta havin other priorties ... includin one mane one that mos everbidy sharrd with im: not cummin home in a box.


then whenever 9/11 happend, furst thang bush dun once he woke up frum readin bout that goat wuz to start runnin around the cuntry trine to find a safe place to hide.


mr cheney gut hisself into a safe hidin place n has been mosly hidin frum us ever since.


mr bush is skeerd to speak befor a audients that aint been culld of inny possibull critick. he spends his time wurkin fer us by goin to one staged event after a nuther. he avoids press conferentses that he caint cuntrol. he stays inside his lil bubble.


n ye dont even speck mr cheney to half to putt up with the feedin frenzy of a open press confernts whar ackshul jurnlists could ast im unfilterd questchuns. in sted, when he aint in his undisclozed locayshun, he is speakin to friendly audientses -- rallys fer the troops or frontiers of freedum funkshuns (check the list here) -- or bein innerviewd by laura ingraham, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, tony snow or brit hume. mosly, he avoids tuff questchuns or unscripted events.


taint lack they aint generus with thar cowardiss. ever chants they git, they do thar level bes to cunvints ever one of us murkins that a scatterd netwurk of criminulls n terrsts is a threat equal to ww2 japan n germany or even the ole nuclear power name of ussr with thar icbms pointed rite at us n pallsy of brinkmunship n moochoowally assurd deestruckshun -- mad. that wuz dangerus, a superpower a'goin up agin us!

the way they been reacktin to the 9/11 terrst attack is lack chicken little gittin hit in the hed by a walnut n claimin the sky is a'fallin. i aint sayin that 9/11 wuz a walnut. twuz a tragedy. i live rite up in here n did then n that event wuz awful. tiz terrbull when innocent folks gits killt n thats why they call it terrism. but twuznt as dangerus as pearl harbor or sum of the cold war foolishess.

fack is, the threat of terrism only wurks ifn we let ourselves git skeerd, too skeerd to make good deecishuns, so skeerd we caint tell who is our real enemies frum who aint, so skeerd we wood give up the liberty that this cuntry is all about fer securty, witch we wood half to be purty skeerd to make such a bad bargain.


whutever happend to the only thang we have to fear bein fear itself? them terrists caint change our life ifn we dont let em. they caint take our freedum away frum us. only we kin do that. n thats whut bothers me mos of all bout the addministrayshun bein so cowardly: thar willin to swup our liberty fer so-calld securty, whuther with the patriot ack or warrantless wiretaps or whutever else they mite could be a'doin that we wont know bout lessn sumbidy leaks it.


even when mr cheney goes out huntin, taint a real hunt. tiz a staged event, witch i bet he figgerd twuz safe as could be, lease till he pulled the trigger that shot the bullet that felld feller hunter harry whittington.

whenever he dint go to the hospitull with mr whittington or call 911 to git the sherrf out thar n face the musick when it matterd, i started gittin the idee. hes skeerd. he caint face the musick, not without gittin reddy fer it overnite n fer a cuple daze after that.


he dint have the guts to call mr bush to splain whut had happend.


then whenever he went on the 'f-wurd netwurk' to speak with brit hume, to git thru his scripted moment, to face the musick of softball questchuns without no uneggspeckted hard foller up questhuns, i knew fer a fack twuz true. hes skeerd n fack is, he *is* the addministrayshun cumplete with power to declassify n order planes shot down n stay hid in a undisclozed locayshun.

tiz ourn, this addministrayshun, our addministrayshun.

our cowardly addministrayshun.


Anne Johnson said...

Persnly I think the terrist hav won cause they done put Merica in the poorhous an saddled us with all this det we aint never gonna be able ta pay, cept if we take more frum poor peoples an collidge kids. Vadin' Iraq, I alway compar it to this: You got a roach in yer hous, so you burn the hole doggone hous doun ta kill that roach.

This is invaat to awsum Buddy Don, cum see Anne at "Gods Are Bored."

Julie said...

It's amazing how far we have come, or how much damage has been done in just six years...
you have said some good things about the bad situation here, you summed it up good and gave us lots to think about.
I just wish there were more listenin'