Friday, January 06, 2006

sadness of buddy don: mother

this mornin i wuz a'goin thru the same rooteen i go thru most everday: collecktin articulls n idees in hopes i could figger sumthin to blog about. in my own arrogunts, i even thank that whut i have to say bout pallticks n whuts rite n rong in our cuntry wood make inny differnts.

i wuz thankin bout how bush sed that progress in iraq meant we wood be able to brang home sum of our brave soljers.

but ere i could git a wurd of it writ, thay wuz sum indicayshuns that thangs aint progressin as much as everbidy wishes they wood.

i wuz cunsiddern makin a few easy jokes bout the hole abramoff thang n how them publicans is runnin skeerd bout whut to do. or mayhap a menchun of the futher persecushun of mr delay.

i wuz even gittin set to praze one of my favert publicans fer standin up to our presdint.

but the fone rung round 5 am n that dont hardly never mean good news. twuznt so in this case neethur.

my bruther eli wonted to let me know bout mama, witch i druther not say whut kinda sad news twuz ceptn to say i shore do hope n pray she cums thru this ruff patch they way shes dun in the past.

but it putt me back to thankin bout whut am i trine to do with my own life? let my lil hillbilly drawl join the awful bray of talkers n pinionaters n folks that eethur fears or tries to justify wood be dicktaters?

that wont accomplish nuthin. tiz time to real eyes (agin) how whut matters is them ye luv n keer fer.

so today, i figger i orta let eli say whut i feel, witch he dun sed everthang bettern i ever could in a pome he writ:

I lived there, in that beautiful cave; ate life there:
A wonderful warm place that taught me love.
It's not so unique, they say, but it still amazes everyone...
And everyone smiles when the cave is mentioned.
A little frail girl with a brain razor sharp through suffering:
A brain containing my entire future.
When she heard my first cry she noticed the sunshine outside;
It made her thank God for another son.
Later on when life cut into my soul, she wiped the tears away...
She could kiss the hurt, and it would disappear.
My mother's a miracle, a woman like no other,
A woman who never doubted me.
Her partner, praise him for his lovemaking, smiled when I arrived:
No one can fathom all they did to ensure my existence.
I'm not afraid to say it:
I love her so much!!

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