Tuesday, January 31, 2006

mizry of buddy don: day two

yesterdy i had to take zomig to keep from spendin the day vomitin. once i had squirted that nasal spray up my nose, i begun to git dazed till purty soon bout all i could do wuz sleep.

miz bd has been a'studyin alternativ healin, so she putt up her reiki table n tole me to lie down on it, witch i dun it n zoned out cumpletely till she woke me up to say twuz dun.

(i should menchun here how miz bd has dun gut certified in sum thangs n gut her a job wurkin with her mentor n doon thai yoga massage, reiki n aroma therapy.)

innywho, mayhap the reiki hepped, but i caint say since i slept rite thru it. then i went to bed n slept most of the day.

i call that sleep the black hole of zomig, a day cumpletely lost with nuthin to show fer it, not even much of a memry.

the secunt day after usin zomig the mane thang i feel is a hollow dazed sensayshun whar i caint hardly thank.

wurser, i have that feelin that if only i wood let myself upchuck, i wood feel better. i know frum past eggzperients that aint so, but the temptayshun is awful. i keep gittin hickups n a mouth full of saliva, witch tiz my bidy gittin reddy to reverse its ownself n send thangs back up out of my mouth whar they orta be a'goin in.

that probly means i need to take a nuther zomig n give up a nuther day of life to avoid the hours of suffrin that cums with waitin too long.

but that aint whut i wonta do. i wonta go to wurk n git into the swang of thangs till i caint notiss whuther i am sick. if only my bidy wuz subjeck to my will power to a grater degree than tiz.

im dun alreddy up n dressd, but my mind is a dazed blank.

thays more toot than that. i had me a good chinese medicin practishuner, but he went on sabbaticull. i called the folks he referrd me to, but they aint calld me back. i reckun i am a'gone half to try em agin. maybe them erbs wuz wurkin, witch i aint had nun fer nigh onto three weeks now.

tiz downrite deepressin.


Tennessee Jed said...

I hate to hear of you loosing days and being sick. I wish you well my friend teacher.

Anne Johnson said...

doan no how far you live frum Berkeley Sprangs, WV, but they got big time medsun there fer jest bout enny ol thang.