Tuesday, January 03, 2006

nitemares of buddy don: whut a dream!

i wuz readin all them papers bout how mr bush needs to be allowd to brake the law in order to save us frum them terrist lawbrakers. ye probly dun red sum of em.

thays thatn by arianna huffington on her huffington post name of NSA Wiretaps: Bush's Macho Swagger is Back. But for How Long?.

then thays that story name of Bush Defends Spying Program As 'Necessary' to Protect U.S. this articull is the one that gut me to thankin so hard that whenever i went to sleep last nite, i had me a horrbull nitemare. it cum frum this here quote frum our presdint:
"This is a limited program designed to prevent attacks on the United States of America, and I repeat limited," Bush said before flying back to Washington after six days cloistered on his ranch in Crawford, Tex. "I think most Americans understand the need to find out what the enemy's thinking.

"If somebody from al Qaeda is calling you, we'd like to know why."
magine the truble this could lead to ifn our presdint ever made a miss take, witch i real eyes he aint never made one in his hole life accordin to him. but miss takes has been made here n thar. n even ifn our presdint aint the one ackceptin accountabilty fer em, thays made jes the same.

i wuz thankin bout such thangs whenever i fell asleep. heres the dream i had:

Would We?

"You dialled the wrong number, Sir," said I to the calling man,
But no matter how I yelled it, he couldn't understand.
Instead he kept on mumbling something in his foreign tongue
That sounded like he had severe congestion in his lung.

I finally had to hang up though it was most impolite.
It was way past my bedtime so I turned out every light.
Before I could drift off to sleep, the phone rang out again
And once more came that voice whose source I could not ascertain.

Again I said he had misdialled – since what else could I do? –
I even said it in some French, some German, Spanish too.
And still he did not seem to understand a single word
So I hung up, unplugged the phone, and thought it all absurd.

This pattern was repeated every night for seven days
Till all my sympathy for him extinguished in a blaze
Of anger that he would not simply let the matter rest –
I finally figured it must be some friendly little jest.

But then as I went to the airport, hoping to fly home,
Two men surprised me when they asked me if I was alone.
I asked them who was asking but no answer did they make,
Except to say, "Please come with us. Don't try to make a break."

Before I could have called my lawyer, they blindfolded me –
Secured my hands with plastic cuffs, ignored my every plea
To find out what I might have done to merit such abuse.
Instead they twirled me round till I was dizzy as a goose.

I felt the needle just a moment before I passed out –
And when I woke I asked again what was the fuss about.
It seems I'd been moved to a climate I had never felt:
A tiny cell, no light or heat, and ice that would not melt.

I asked to know where I could be, of what was I suspected?
But I was struck upon the mouth with force most unexpected!
"Al qaeda has been calling you so we will have to learn –
Why would they have your number? Tell us now or you will burn!"

Just then the phone rang once again, and I woke with a scream
In my own bed I found myself and thought, "It's just a dream!"
Such a nightmare isn't real – it couldn't happen here! –
Lest we the people let the rule of law be commandeered.

And we would never do that, would we?
Would we?
Would we?

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