Wednesday, January 11, 2006

blessins of buddy don: gittin past the flu

bof me n miz bd has been suffern the flu frum at lease saturdy. it cum with a temperchur, a lousy disposishun whar ye felt lack ye wonted to fite over everthang, a lotta nausea n crampin n runs. on top of that, we larnt that the problem we gut with hot water, manely how they aint nun, wont git fixed till fridy at the earliest.

so i went to bed feelin awful after sleepin the hole day n eatin stuff lack white rice or baked taters n soda crackers.

but whenever i woke up, i felt a lot better n dint have no temperchur n such, so i figgerd i wood see ifn i could take a cold shower. much to my grate sprize, i gut hot water out, even ifn twernt far above tepid.

so i tuck my shower n putt on my cloze n will git back to wurk today.

thems sum blessins i dint eggspeck, witch thar the best kinds.

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