Thursday, January 12, 2006

pinions of buddy don: duz it take a dicktater?

the presdint dont half to obey the law on a counta the cuntry bein at war.


witch that means to fite the war, the presdint kin wiretap ever conversayshun he wonts to claim mite be suspishus n aint nobidy kin double-check im since twood make it harder fer im to fite the war.


a presdint at war has to be above the law sos he kin perteck us all.

he duz?

of course! that ole junk bout 'give me liberty or give me death' is way too ole fashiond. that aint whut amurka is all about innymore. nowadays, ye kin take all the liberty frum us ye need so long as we dont half to fear dyin at the hands of sum terrist.

oh. ok.

but the war is agin a tacktick called terror n them that uses it, witch ye caint git nobidy to surrender fer all of em on a counta innybidy innywhar kin deecide to use that tacktick.


so the war caint have no real end.


so the presdint dont never half to obey the law on a counta we are in a war that caint never end n that nobidy kin win.


so the questchun is, to fite n win this war, duz it take a dicktater?

i reckun it must but duz that mean amurkas best hope is to pray that the dicktater is benevolent?

thats rite. so let us pray.


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