Thursday, January 19, 2006

ritin of buddy don: care ackter list

i sed yesterdy i wonted to git back to whut i started this blog to do, witch thats to finish a'ritin a novel name of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. tiz easy fer me to git offn the track n lack i sed yesterdy i wonted to git back to doon whut i meant to do.

one of the furst thangs i discuverd wuz how i couldnt member all them names i had dun give to my care ackters. ifn ye wonta rite a novel, i wood offer jes a cuple pieces of add vice:
  1. dont start ritin atall till ye kin rite the last chaptur, witch ye mite half to rite it agin sumday, but ifn ye caint rite it at the beginnin, tiz lackly ye will rite minny a chaptur but never git to the end of yer story.

  2. start makin a list of care ackters as ye go along, witch i wish i had dun that frum the verr beginnin of that thar novel ima ritin. i dint, but i deecided to go back to the start of whenever i wuz teachin at knoxvull collidge n make my list.
thays a passle more thangs ye orta do ifn ye wonta rite a novel, witch mayhap sumday i will make a list of all the thangs i have larnt bout ritin novels n such.

fer now, i wood lack to share the care ackter list, witch it starts at chaptur 133: gittin a nuther job.

care ackters fer the skool of hard knox

dr gene streeter: head of humanities dept at knoxvull collidge

dr greene: head of the black studies progrum at utk; he hepped buddy don out by participatin in a series of panel discusshuns durin black histry munth of 1983

jerome johnson: furst student buddy don met; six foot six, football player, from libertyvull florda

rufus coales: verr dark-skinned, serious student, slow steady larner, frum south carlina, speaks good gulla

dolores g. miller: tall dark beeyooty, purrfeck delta (member of the delta sigma theta sororty) with amazin legs

kamal 'too short' trotter: feller frum pittsburg whose his furst eggsperients with death was havin his bruther die in his arms in a gang shootin

james coleman: nuther stoodent in comp 102, dead serious feller that lacked to win books; tuck richard wright's black boy fer his furst

randall rucker: verr smart lite-skinned stoodent; good artist; his sister wuz a nuther of buddy dons stoodents

sharon worth: 'gat-toothed' woman who knew bout chaucer n figgerd she dint have no opshun but to be loose, one of buddy dons furst friens at kc when she near choked n buddy don used the heimlick manoover on er

cassandra worthy: young stoodent who disappears frum buddy dons class; sharon worth splains that she wuz raped at utk; hard fer buddy don to win back to class, but he duz ... n then sum.

charley waller: feller in looseburg that abused emily whenever she wuz 12 or 13

fred: mamas boyfriend whenever buddy dons parnts wuz havin trubles

janine tooks: relijus stoodent frum dc in buddy dons grammar class; she tole buddy don twuz imperative that he attend contemporary issues on a speshul day

lita rodriguez: one of brews gurlfriends, good friend of mamas

eddie meyers: maizies tall boyfriend

wanda joyce: member of the administrayshun who wurked with buddy don on the drama club

william wilson: senyer, verr serious feller, nickname of 'willy will.'

augustus 'gus' trent: one of the two guest die-recktors fer the furst perduckshuns of the skool of hard knox theeatricull players

janine toney: tuther guest die-recktor, tall purty woman

rufus boudreau: member of skool of hard knox theeatricull players, grate sanger

ophelia morgan: wife of dr morgan, emilys majur perfesser, who hepped buddy don out by participatin in a series of panel discusshuns durin black histry munth of 1983

clayton edwards: member of the skool of hard knox theeatricull players, knoxvull native with a five octave range, proud to be a 'legacy', witch his daddy had gone to kc n that wuz how he gut in even tho he had dropped outta hi skool.

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