Monday, January 09, 2006

quik report of buddy don: offus cold

jes wonted to share a cuple items. furst, mama is spozed to cum home frum the hospitull today, so thankee to everbidy who sent us such good wishes n prayers.

tuthter thang is how thay wuz a new years party give by one of the fellers at wurk. we dint go but everybidy that went gut sick with hi temperchurs. purty soon folks that dint go gut sick. yesterdy me n miz bd wuz ailin n this mornin my temperchur is north of 100.6 deegrees, so im home a'feelin brane dead.

ifn i kin git my brane a'wurkin agin i wood lack to blog, but i caint thank strate at the moment.

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