Saturday, January 14, 2006

nitemares of buddy don: fishers of terrsts

i wonted to git a pitcher of a sartin fish name of stripe, witch he is a pseudotropheus zebra that lives in our aquarium n ye mite could thank twood be easy to git his pitcher.

thang is, gittin a good pitcher of inny fish is a challenge.

heres the few keepers i had outta over a hunnert pitchers tuck ...

pseudotropheus tropheops


tiz so hard to git good pitchers of fish on a counta three mane facks. furst, they wont sit still fer a instunt. secunt, they lacks to hide n happens to be eggspurts at hidin.

tuther reason has to do with whut ye gutta do to git sumthin innerestin. i wonted to catch sum shadders on that pseudotropheus zebra i wuz after, witch i dint git nary a pitcher of it, but i did git sum innerrestin shadders by takin the pitcher thru a big mirror with the flash at a 110 deegree angle tords them fish. twuz a lil more innerestin ...

pseudotropheus novembfasciatus name of bidshicka

pseudotropheus tropheops in shadders

pseudotropheus tropheops rite profile

as i dun sed, i never gut the fish i wonted. he jes woodnt cum out of hidin long a nuff. i nearly gut im a time or two, but twuz too distorted to make out. i kept trine to git im but dint git nuthin but lots of bad pitchers n a few gooduns of differnt fish that jes happend to git in the way.

i even gut sum of them fish distorted by bein in a mirror, tho they look better thataway, easier to see.

after i tuck all these pitchers, i had a strange dream. twuz at a confernts of fishers of terrsts, them fedrull wiretappers. i wuz a'wundern how they wuz able to git jes the rite terrist fish. whut did they do with all the pitchers of the good guy fish? how could they tell witchuns wuz witch?

wuz they inny bettern i wuz at gittin the rite fish? at not gittin no distorshun that happend to look good.

then the dream shifted to church n the preacher wuz a'tellin the congregayshun that we had to be fishers of terrists even ifn it did mean a few innocent fish gut caught up in our nets by collaterull acksident.

i had one of them nitemare moments whar i wonted to scream but woodnt nuthin cum outta my mouth.

but i member whut i wonted to say:

jesus never sed nuthin bout no terrsts, people! dont ye recolleck? he tole the disciples to be fishers of men!

then i seen a flash frum sumbidy a'takin my pitcher, witch that woke me up.

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