Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ramblins of buddy don: gummint in truble?

is our gummint in truble? is our way of life bein threatend? seems lack tiz.

ifn sumbidy wuz to attack us frum outside n try to change the way our gummint wurks, we wood defend it to the death. we are, after all, a cuntry that counts as patriots them that sez thangs lack "Give me liberty or give me death." the idee wuz that we wood die before we wood give up our liberty.

now taint so much thataway since the mere threat that sumbidy mite die is a nuff fer us to let our presdint take away our liberty.

we wuz a gummint of laws, not men, whar even the presdint of the united states wood half to obey the law, whar our legislaters wood half to have hi ethicull standurds.

are we jes a'gone sit by in give all that up?

mayhap tiz no longer possibull fer a document furst writ by a bunch of librulls in the 18th centry to be valid. mayhap it needs changin.

or mayhap we dont even need it no more.

the news mite make ye thank so:wunder ifn we will need a constitushun inny more since it jes seems to git in the way of whut mr bush needs to do to perteck us. mayhap we should jes let mr bush be the gummint all by his ownself. seems lack its whut he thanks he wuz eleckted to do.

mayhap nex time we wont even half to go to the truble of votin!

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