Thursday, October 20, 2005

wurk of buddy don: long daze

i wurk on wall street at a place i call good bank. this time of year, yer wall street firms is all busy figgern out how much end of year compensayshun (bonus) folks is a'gone git. ackshly, tiz only the bankers n traders that gits much. taint lack the rest of us dont git nuthin n i am verr grateful fer my bonus. but fack is, sum of them bankers i serve is a'gone git moren a bonus than i will make in ten years. thems the folks that needs thar tax cut overn over agin!

but that aint why im a'ritin this today. tiz on a counta how ye gut to wurk verr long hours this time of year. ye gut yer managin die-recktors in town frum all over the worl n they takes lots of time n effort, witch that means ye wurk 10-14 hours ever day. fer that reason, i aint gut time to blog they way i wood lack to.

ifn i did have time, i wood wonta rite bout these here stories:i caint give it more time since good bank has dun gut 3 11-hour daze frum me n is a'gone git two more n a spell on saturdy. thang is, i am one of the lucky ones n i dont never fergit it!

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