Monday, October 24, 2005

pinions of buddy don: hopin fer the silver linin

thays a lot of bad news lately, witch fer sum reason that gits me hopin thays a silver linin sumwhar. lets take a look.

furst challenge is this articull name of Enemy Body Counts Revived; U.S. Is Citing Tolls to Show Success in Iraq, witch ye mite thank thatn aint nuthin but a bad flashback to the sixties when ye had yer body count everday. but it aint that n the silver linin is most of them insurgents that gits killt is insurgents n almost nun of ems women n children:
So far, the releases have tended to be associated either with major attacks that netted significant numbers of enemy fighters or with lengthy operations that have spanned days or weeks. On Saturday, for instance, the U.S. military reported 20 insurgents killed and one captured in raids on five houses suspected of sheltering foreign fighters in a town near the Syrian border. Six days earlier, the 2nd Marine Division issued a statement saying an estimated 70 suspected insurgents had died in the Ramadi area as a result of three separate airstrikes by fighter jets and helicopters.

That Oct. 16 statement reflected some of the pitfalls associated with releasing such statistics. The number was immediately challenged by witnesses, who said many of those killed were not insurgents but civilians, including women and children.
then thays that senator frum tennessee name of bill frist. taint hard to find the silver linin in that story bout him name of Letters Show Frist Notified Of Stocks in 'Blind' Trusts; Documents Contradict Comments on Holdings on a counta how could he be shore he wuznt havin no conflick of innerest ifn he dint even know whut twuz he wuz a'holdin? gittin infermayshun bout his holdins musta hepped im be know whut twuz he had to be imparshull bout.

then thays this fear that Resignations May Follow Charges. the silver linin here is easy fer them folks. aint no reason to reesign atall! seem lack that wood be jumpin the gun on a counta mr bush dun sed he wood git rid of innybidy that wuz involved in criminull behavyer n gittin indicted aint criminull yet. woodnt thay half to be cunvicted befor he wood make em leave?

then thays this sprizin bit of news, speshly fer this here wundern hillbilly, child of a speshul agent of the fbi: FBI Papers Indicate Intelligence Violations; Secret Surveillance Lacked Oversight. i had hoped the bureau, as daddy always called it, wuz above such thangs. in sted, i half to hope that the silver linin in thisn is that they wuznt spyin on me nor nobidy i know nor nobidy yew know n so on. thang is, how kin we find out?

thou shalt not brag about havin inside infermayshun, witch i reckun this story is jes whut the man deeserves: Judiciary Panel May Ask Dobson to Testify; Evangelical Leader Says He Has Been Privy to Miers's Views.

whut we need is sum distrackshun to git folkses minds offn all that bad news that makes folks look bad n git thar attenchun on sum bad news that makes folks look good. wunder whar it could be?

corse, sum stories cums with thar own silver lined cloud that aint even dark atall, witch thats the case with a story name of Inquiry as Exacting As Special Counsel Is; A Tough Investigation Is Also Praised as Nonpartisan. at last we gut us a story bout a feller that has integrity n putts his duty to cuntry above his party. everbidys a'gone half to lack that, rite? caint nobidy attack im, kin they? shorely aint nobidy lookin to –

wait, i see it now: Republicans Testing Ways to Blunt Leak Charges. not to wurry – sumbidys a'gone find the dark cloud in that silverlined story bout patrick fitzgerald:
WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 - With a decision expected this week on possible indictments in the C.I.A. leak case, allies of the White House suggested Sunday that they intended to pursue a strategy of attacking any criminal charges as a disagreement over legal technicalities or the product of an overzealous prosecutor.
hope they dont half to do nuthin illegal this time!

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