Tuesday, October 11, 2005

pomes of buddy don: pig in a poke fer eye-rack

pig in a poke fer eye-rack

tuther day we herd dick cheney say
them terr'ists git emboldened when we lack
the will to take revenge
– so now we say –
if suiciders bomb us – bomb em back!

thats whut we dun we they attacked us here –
them al qaeda saudis n thar gang –
we hit em whar thay wuz n lets be clear –
we stayed till we cleaned up afghanistan

n then becawz we had the will to fite
we gut a franchise over in eye-rack
to recruit terr'ists enemies that mite
attack us so we could attack em back!

so to eye-rack we offer faith-based smoke
to buy with votes a pig still in its poke.

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