Thursday, October 27, 2005

pinions of buddy don: good news!

wuz i ever sprized this mornin to see this articull name of Prevailing Wages to Be Paid Again On Gulf Coast; Rule Was Waived for Post-Katrina Work! corse, tiz verr good news even ifn tiz two munths too late fer sum of them that gut laid off long a nuff fer halliburton subsidiairies to proov they wood git illegal immigrunts to do the wurk nobidy else wood do fer verr low wages. but tiz good news:
The White House yesterday reversed course and reinstated a key wage protection for workers involved in Hurricane Katrina reconstruction, bowing to pressure from moderate House Republicans who argued that Gulf Coast residents were being left out of the recovery and that the region was becoming a magnet for illegal immigrants.
once i had red that good news, i gut to hankern to read sum more, so i deecided i wood try to putt nuthin into todays post that couldnt be called good news. so i went a'lookin fer more n found this amazin tale name of The New Sunni Jihad: 'A Time for Politics'; Tour With Iraqi Reveals Tactical Change. now that could be sum good news indeed:
For weeks before Iraq's constitutional referendum this month, Iraqi guerrilla Abu Theeb traveled the countryside just north of Baghdad, stopping at as many Sunni Arab houses and villages as he could. Each time, his message to the farmers and tradesmen he met was the same: Members of the disgruntled Sunni minority should register to vote -- and vote against the constitution.

"It is a new jihad," said Abu Theeb, a nom de guerre that means "Father of the Wolf," addressing a young nephew one night before the vote. "There is a time for fighting, and a time for politics."
duz that mean that them rose petals will be a'rainin down on our soljers innytime soon? mayhap not on a counta seems lack thays a passel of folk that thanks them soljers is occupiers:
The sight of American soldiers in the Iraqi city was an unspeakable outrage to him. "I roamed the streets with a dagger in my pocket," he said. "I was too ashamed to come back home and see my family while Baghdad was under occupation."

Abu Theeb met a group of Syrians who had come to Baghdad. Like him, they were looking for a fight with the Americans, so he took them to his home village and formed a jihad cell.

It started off with rocket and small-arms attacks on U.S. convoys, he said. Later, a fellow Salafi fighter taught him how to set a roadside bomb using simple techniques -- a TV remote control and some artillery shells.

A former Iraqi army general who visited the village laid down ground rules for the group: Roadside bombs were the most effective weapon, but they should always be planted at least 1 1/2 miles outside the village, so as to spare its people retaliation by the Americans.

Abu Theeb's group kept up the attacks. "Something like fire was inside us," he said. ". . . When the infidel conquers your home, it's like seeing your women raped in front of your eyes and like your religion being insulted every day."
but the news wuz still manely good ifn thays folks willin to turn to pallticks instead of roadside bombs n such. nex questchun wuz whuther thay wuz innymore good news. how bout these ...
  • Grand Jury Hears Summary of Case On CIA Leak Probe; Decision on Charges May Come Friday:
    The prosecutor in the CIA leak investigation presented a summary of his case to a federal grand jury yesterday and is expected to announce a final decision on charges in the two-year-long probe tomorrow, according to people familiar with the case.
    why is this good news? on a counta how seems lack we finely will git this story tole n kin move on to otherns. besides, ifn sumbidy dun rong, tiz rite they git caught.

  • Senators Question Tax Shelter Letters; Miers's Law Firm Sold Documents Backing Arrangement the IRS Criticized:
    Senators from both parties are pressing Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers about her former Texas law firm's lucrative business helping to promote tax shelters that were subsequently deemed abusive by the Internal Revenue Service.

    The actions of the firm Locke Liddell and Sapp, which Miers headed for much of the 1990s, received glancing scrutiny early this year, when the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a scathing report on the tax shelter industry. The report quoted the legal adviser of a potential investor as blasting the firm for effectively signing off on a "classic 'sham' tax shelter."
    why is this good news? on a counta how it seems lack them palltishuns is willin to give at lease sum lip servus to the idee that taint rite to cheat on yer taxes, witch ye had to wunder whuther that mite earn ye the presidentchul medal of honor the way sum on the rite lacks to cundemn the patriotick ack of payin yer taxes!

  • could they be inny more good news? how bout thisn on the mess thats been made of the fedrull gummint. i bet them publicans is happy that sumbidys a'gone half to clean it up. ye gut yer dean name of david broder claimin twill be a job that falls to yer dimcrats, witch thar jes dim a nuff to thank tiz wurth doin. he splains it all in a articull name of Will Anyone Pay the Bills?:
    It is not hard these days to find intelligent critiques of the budget policy and fiscal record of the Bush administration. Conservative and liberal think tanks alike grind out fresh analyses of the risks in the chronic refusal of the Republicans who govern the country to pay the bills they are amassing here and overseas.

    Nonpartisan budget groups -- especially those with a historical attachment to budgetary prudence -- have been even tougher on the president and his allies on Capitol Hill for their seeming nonchalance in letting the debt of the federal government climb so rapidly on their watch.

    What has been harder to discern is what the opposition Democrats would actually do to remedy the situation that may well confront them if their party comes back to power in the 2008 election. The other day, the thinking branch of the opposition -- centered these days in the Democratic Leadership Council and its allied organizations -- offered at least the start of a response.

    At a panel headed by the DLC's chairman, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, the answer that emerged was: Strike a bipartisan bargain that would involve some short-term tax increases in return for long-term savings on entitlement programs and improvements in the administration of government.
  • then ye gut this good news, witch the title sez purty much everthang ye need to know bout this good news fer the rich who hate payin thar taxes: In Hurricane Tax Package, a Boon for Wealthy Donors. i half to add mitt, that aint yer pure good news, but ifn more folks will give to wurthy causes even ifn thar jes a'doon it to git a tax brake, tiz a good thang.

  • but thays one story that ye dont half to thank much about to figger how tiz a good thang, witch tiz a articull bout them white sox name of Sox' Sweeping Statement; World Series Win Is First In 88 Years: White Sox 1, Astros 0:
    And suddenly the ball was on the ground, headed toward the shortstop, and then it was in the first baseman's glove, and their cool exterior faded, and the White Sox rushed past those Houston Astros players who wanted to disappear into a hole, and they amassed near the pitcher's mound, grabbing each other and holding on.

    The champions of baseball hail from the South Side of Chicago following the White Sox's 1-0 victory Wednesday night in Game 4 of the World Series. A series that was thought to be so evenly matched, so full of dramatic, seven-game potential, was really not so even at all. The White Sox swept it in four games, all of them close. But not that close.

    "This has been an unbelievable season," White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko said. "Chalk one up for the little guys. We're a bunch of low-maintenance guys who fight you every day. And now we're number one."
tiz kindly lack a rainbow coallishun winnin on a counta how thar owner is jewish, thar genrull manjer is black, n thar manjer is hispanick. i reckun thats one of the thangs i luv most bout sports, witch the only thang that matters is whuther yer inny good. them white sox dun proovd thar wurth n it cum on a day when the news could be red as good fer a change.

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