Saturday, October 01, 2005

hopes of buddy don: after a tuff week

las week wuz one of the wurst ever fer me. but i cum thru it. ever time i git one of them migraine sesshuns, it 'clicks' off, witch that means sumthin seems to kill it. one time twuz a shower, nuther time twuz a hot foot bath. thang is, i aint never found nuthin to wurk evertime. so i am thankfull innytime one duz.

yesterdy after i had been sick all week, takin up to two zomigs in a day, witch thats the limit, i felt a lil better but in a big fog. i couldnt do much but lie still, so miz bd give me sum reiki treetmints. i am at the point whar i will try mos innythang thay is.

since all ye do fer a reiki sesshun is lie still, i had no truble a'doon my part. miz bd then gut her hands warm n combined layin on of her hands with breath n i dont know whut all, but purty soon my body felt lack twuz flyin. then i wuz slowly landin (ye kindly half fall asleep durin yer sesshun), then i landed. twuz the click. i dint have no more nausea.

then i seen a beeyootifull sunrise, witch tiz always heavens sign of hope fer me.

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