Monday, October 17, 2005

pinions of buddy don: nuther harvest moon

i been trine lack crazy to git a good pitcher of the moon. aint nowhar near whut mr rneal (blogger formerly knowd as south knox bubba) kin do, witch ye kin see his magickcull pitcher here. but i gut to thankin bout all them thangs thats been sowed over the las few years, witch we seem to be reapin em rite n lef:i aint gut time to rite much more bout them articulls, witch they purty much splain tharself. meanwhile, i gut a hard day.

ifn yer the prayin kind, could ye say a lil prayer fer mama. she went on vacayshun to lost wages n gut sickern a dawg. as miz bd sez, sum folks lose thar shirt in lost wages; mama lost her gall bladder, witch the prognosis aint bad, but ye never know ...

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