Friday, October 07, 2005

pinions of buddy don: whuts the big news of the day?

thought twuz innerestin how the big us noosepapers is handlin todays news. heres whut ye gut at the moment on the frunt pages of the four big papers (ny times, dc post, latimes, & boston globe):now ye speck them papers to give major play to local stories, witch thats why ye gut studio stories in the la times n that subway threat story as mane leed fer the ny times (avridge new yorker responts: 'yeah, rite').

but how kin it be that the washington post dont have nuthin bout the karl rove story? how is it that a speech by bush that dint have nuthin new to say gits to be the top story? them 10 plots is ackshly ole news, kindly lack the subway story that wuz knowd by them offishulls fer 6 days befor they sharrd the informayshun with the folks that rides them subways.

i half to add mitt i caint figger how these folks figgers whuts importunt, but i know this: taint room fer moren three or four stories on the frunt page. that means that ye kin hide a importunt story by puttin it sumwhars else. so dont it seem a lil odd that the washington post woodnt have the rove story -- witch is bout treason, after all, even ifn taint rove thats gilty -- as its mane thang?

mayhap its jes me, a wanderin (and wunderin) hillbilly.

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