Saturday, October 29, 2005

wishin of buddy don: whar i wonta be

ifn i could be whar i wonta be
twood be down in etowah tennessee
fer thars whar the blog worlds ambassador
is holdin cort fer bloggers galore

from all oer the nayshun – mayhap the worl
them bloggers will gather (sum of ems gurls)
sum pool will be shot, sum tunes will be spun
i wish i could be thar, join in the fun

in sted i will be o'er in man hattan
a grub wurm that piles of wurk has flattend
i wish i could be thar if only to watch –
(i'd make shore them folks had plenty of scotch!)

so eric n friends, i'll raze ye my glass
knowin yer blog meet will not be surpassd

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