Thursday, October 06, 2005

ramblins of buddy don: pride n shame

ye kin be proud of this: Senate Supports Interrogation Limits; 90-9 Vote on the Treatment of Detainees Is a Bipartisan Rebuff of the White House. but they lef sumthin verr importunt outta that story, witch that wood be the lis of them nine senators that bleeves ye kin win harts n minds by tortchurin folks. here they are, in all thar glory:
  • Allard, R-CO
  • Bond, R-MO
  • Coburn, R-OK
  • Cochran, R-MS
  • Cornyn, R-TX
  • Inhofe, R-OK
  • Roberts, R-KS
  • Sessions, R-AL
  • Stevens, R-AK
i gut to leeve early today, so nuff sed.

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