Tuesday, June 09, 2009

'vacayshuns' of buddy don: ruff grate mothers tour of 2009

me n miz bd lacks to take whut we call the grate mothers tour of whutever year it is that we git a chants to go visit our mothers, mine in tennessee, hern in ohio. we generly rent a car n drive to one place or tuther n then home, witch this year we had a lil stop in washingtun deecee that miz bd had to make on a counta she is lobbyin our jr senator to do the rat thang with respeck to the unitin amurkin famblies ack.

well, thangs couldnt have gone hardly no wurser than they dun. my mama had to go to the hospitull on the secunt day we were thar, had to have hart surgry the forth day n dint git out of the hospitull till the fifth day, witch by then we needed to git on to ohio. i am deelited to say she seems to have cum thru the surgry purty good (taint that easy to tell, but we are hopefull n thangs aint gut no wurser since).

but thay wuz sum good moments, speshly climbin mt le conte, witch we wuz a'doin that whenever mama was a'goin to the hospitull. whut a sprize to leave in the mornin with her a'doin jes fine n then to cum home to find eli thar splainin how she wuz back in the hospitull agin.

but heres one of a bout a thousund pitchers i tuck of our hike up the mountain ...


Lydia said...

Wow, this photo looks like a painting. Gorgeous!

red molly said...

someday I would like to climb mt le conte. good lord hope all is well with your mama!