Friday, June 12, 2009

mizry of buddy don: wuz it a migraine?

yesterdy i woke up with a killer hedache on the rite side of my hed, eggzackly whar them migraines hits me. thang wuz, i dint have a lot of tuther stuff that cums long with a real migraine, witch ye mite could call em psykologicull effecks. so i went to wurk n dun a presntayshun to our global team n gritted my way thru a cuple other importunt meetins n then went in fer a meetin with my boss, witch he tuck one look at me n ast me 'why are you here? why aren't you at home taking your medicine?' i tole eem twuz a panefull thang but not as bad as it could be -- i dint have to vomit nun, fer instunts -- but he let me tell eem a cuple thangs bout my trip to mason n then tole me to go home.

so i dun it n nex thang ye know, i had dun slept the afternoon away.

but i tuck a pitcher on our trip up mt le conte that kindly shows ye how these thangs feel, witch ifn y magine yer a tree, thank how it mite hurt to have this a'growin outta the side of yer hed ...

ifn ye look real keeful lack, ye mite could see whut look lack a cuple faces in that lump on the side of the tree. miz bd sees one thats kinly in profile a'lookin to the rite, n i see one thats gut horns on his hed lookin strate to the left. mayhhap thays two of em in thar?

looks almost lack that poor tree wuz invaded by sum angry spirit that had to show its face, makin a ugly bulge on the side of the tree, witch cum to thank of it, thats a lot lack a migraine feels ceptn tiz yer hed insted of a tree trunk.


armouris said...

info on migraine here - Migraine - Half the Head

dawtch said...

that is awesome!!!!! I would love e=to be able to talk to that tree...