Saturday, June 13, 2009

anniversries of buddy don: blog turns 5, er, 6 year ole today

i caint hardly bleeve it n cum nigh on to missin it, but today makes six year i bein a'ritin thangs in this here blog. twuz a thang i dun on a whim n manely sos i could practiss ritin in hillbilly dialeck till i could git it reglar. ye mite notiss i dint say 'till i could git it rite' on a counta aint no rite bout it. i doot the way i herd my elders a'doon it whenever thay wuz a'tellin each other stories bout how twuz a'growin up way back in the hills of east tennessee.

n then one thang kindly led to a nuther n then on to six year of ritin. fack is, aint nuthin hepped my ritin more, witch by that i mean nuthin has ever kep me productiv fer so long.

corse the reason fer that is all yall, witch somehow the thought bout ye readin whutever i git round to ritin makes me wonta rite sumthin fer ye, even ifn i aint gut no idee whuther thays moren one or two that ackshly reads innythang here (almost all the traffick that cums to this site cums to look at a pitcher they found in googles images).

but the idee of readers has gut me to rite thangs i never thunk i wood rite, including shoot the devil, witch tiz the furst book in life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, not to menchun all these other thangs as of this here anniversry):
  • 342 pinions of buddy don

  • 335 pomes of buddy don, witch a bunch of em wuz waka

  • 208 waka of budouadana

  • 147 chapturs of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly

  • 287 pitchers tuck by buddy don

  • n too much infermayshun on topicks lack migraines n other persunull junk

so to all yall, i say, thankee verr verr much fer bein my muse n mane inspirayshun, whut gits me up a 4 in the mornin sos i kin maybe cum up with sumthin to rite or mayhap a pitcher to show ye ... lack this ackcidentull self portrutt:

yall cum back now!


BitLizard said...

Congrats on the anniversary, Buddy Don! I hope you have many more.

Anne Johnson said...

Happy anniversary! I found this blog because I liked the title. I loved SHOOT THE DEVIL too. It's been nice ridin along with you, Buddy.

meatbrain said...

And here's to sixty more, BD!

red molly said...

Buddy don, Whew!!!!that is a passel of writings. Glad you did it and Happy Anniversary!!!