Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: shovel reddy

by the way, i bin puttin up pitchers everday kindly lack a eggspearmint on a counta i have notissd that the more pitchers i putt on this here blog, the more traffick i git. i reckun it has sumthin to do with googles algorerhythms or sumthin. ifn i kin keep it up, mayhap i will see hunderds dozens of vistors everday!

innywho, one of the thangs me n miz bd seen a lot of whenever we clumb mt le conte wuz a gang of fellers that wuz a'fixin the trail, witch on a counta the rain, twuz nigh onto bein a crick n not a trail. (aint no tellin whuther thays wurkin on a counta that stimulus money, witch we wuz glad thays a'wurkin no matter whar thar pay cum frum.)

woodnt that be a grate job to have? climbin them mountains everday, wurkin to keep them trails safe, sleepin up in the lodge ... they claim sumbidy wuz able to climb down the mountain in 30 mints n back up in a hour n a half, witch thay wuz on a beer run!

innywho, heres a cuple pitchers of one of them nice fellers ...

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