Thursday, June 25, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: rurnt

tuther day buck putt up a comment on a post i dun bout our furst grandson ezekiel. he ast:
I get the feeling that Ezekiel might be "rurnt"

Any truth to that? :-)
rurnt? that lil un aint hardly rurnt lessn ye mean even more spoilt than that proverbyall rotten apple that sent the hole barrel down to ruinayshun! n ifn he aint rurnt yet, tiz only proof that we gut us sum wurk yet to be dun.

i am shore buck wood be deelited to know that me n miz bd dun give lil ezekiel a cuple vols outfits fer his furst birthdy on a counta how taint never too soon to be thankin bout collidge! i wish i had a pitcher of eem a'wearin em, witch i hope to git one rite soon.

till then, ye will have to make do with these ...

furst, here he is showin how he alreddy knows how importunt it is to git the ball (n notiss the nice colors of that thar ball!) ...

here he is a'trine to wipe the smile offn lorettas face (taint lackly) ...

n finely, here he is takin a look at the cake his mama made fer eem, witch she made one that looks lack a rubber ducky!

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Buck said...

OMG. Another screaming Vol. I expect ya'll are teachin' him the words to Rocky Top.

He is a beautiful little man Buddy. I know your heart busts with pride all of the time now.