Tuesday, June 30, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: good year fer them roses

tuther week me n miz bd tuck ourself over to the brooklyn botanick garden on a counta twuz time fer them roses to be at thar peak, witch they wuz.

twuz a verr odd day fer us in a way on a counta how even tho i wuz mindin my own bizness n keepin rite close to miz bd, on three differnt occashuns women cum up to me as ifn she wudnt even thar. furstn wuz in the subway whilst we wuz a'waitin fer the train, but i dint hardly notiss.

secunt one wuz on the train, a purty yung woman with a east europeon ackcent who wonted to ast me questchuns bout my camra, cummin to sit at my side even tho miz bd wuz sittin rite thar on tuther side!

lucky fer me miz bd aint the jellus type on a counta later on, whenever we wuz in the rose garden takin pitchers, a group of four women cum up to me n ast wuz i takin pitchers of roses that wudnt purrfeck? looked to me lack these ladies mite coulda cum frum japan or china or korea, witch i caint tell the differnts tho i gut a korean friend who sez he kin tell nine times outta ten. innywho, it tole em i lacked to git pitchers that showed jes how fleetin the beeyooty of them roses is, meanin a pitcher that shows one thats dun on the deecline, one thats jes bout reddy to bloom, n one thats purty much as good as twill git.

them ladies laffd n ast could i take thar pitcher on a counta they wuz jes lack them roses, with one bout to bloom, one in bloom, n a cuple that wuz ... then they laffd agin. thang wuz, as they wuz walkin round to whar they wonted thar pitcher tuck, one of em eggsplaind that a nuthern had cancer n dint have long to live. twuz odd that ye couldnt tell witchn twuz on a counta thay wuz all smilin n flirtin n havin em a real good time. ifn i had been a lil quicker on the uptake, mayhap i wooda tuck a pitcher of em. but i dint.

i did git the pitcher that led em to astin whut kinda pitchers i wuz takin, witch here tiz ...

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