Monday, September 19, 2005

nite life of buddy don: dinner with the ambassadoor

me n miz bd went into the city tuther day. thats whut local folks sez when they mean they went into man hattan. furst thang we wunderd wuz whuts everbidy a'lookin at?

puzzlin behavyer indeed. could these folks be a'lookin fer the same feller we wuz? let me eggsplain a lil better.

twuz saturdy nite n me n miz bd had us a dinner pointment with a feller ye all orta know by now. heres a pitcher of im, witch tiz true how taint in focus, but thats kindly how yer bloggers are ere ye meet em:

mayhap ye caint make im out. twuz sorta thataway fer me whenever i cummenced to readin his blog. twuz hard to tell much bout im, but the more i red, the closer i cum. corse, with ritin as good as his, yer drawn back time after time. heres a lil closer shot, witch even tho taint in focus neethur, mayhap ye know who tiz by now on a counta how tiz a lil closer:

as ye kin see, ye kin git closer n still not git a clear view. but we wuz lucky a nuff to have dinner planned n we reckon-eyesed him immediately: twuz the blogger known as straight white guy, eric to them that reads his blog.

twuz our grate good fortchune to have dinner with eric n his beeyootifull wife fiona, witch shes gut as musicull a voice as ever ye did here. as luck (or fate) wood have it, we met at the verr same place, st andrews, n the verr same table we sat at whenever we had dinner with them red mollys.

once we met up n tuck our table, we gut down to the serious bizness of figurin out witch scotch to drank, witch as ye know, thays quite a seeleckshun at st andrews. me n eric settled on a talisker 10 fer the furst round on a counta that bein one of the three he reckomended whenever he gut us started on our obsesshun with the amber liquid of the gods.

ye mite could thank we woodnt talk bout nuthin but scotch n blogs on a counta how we bofus have grate innerest in em, but twernt so. eric is a well-traveled feller who can talk on mos inny subjeck. hes dun lived fer years over in scotland, witch me n miz bd has a fondness fer that place on a counta we gut marrd in edinburgh. twuznt till we wuz makin our secunt choice -- miz bd gut the verr las drops of sum port ellen, eric sum aberlour a'bunadh n i had sum ardbeg uigedail -- that we gut onto the topick of blogs.

turns out eric is the ambassadoor of the blog worl. he has met n drunk whisky with more bloggers than i have probly even read. ifn ye ever meet im, ye kin see why. he has that gift of gittin along with mos innybidy, mayhap on a counta thay aint no hypockrussy in im n he dont lack to argue bout pallticks on a counta how tiz a fack that ye caint really change nobidys palliticull pinions by whut ye say or argue bout.

ifn ye wonta git to know the ambassadoor, check out his site. i reckun hes back home by now n soon ye kin read much better ritin -- his -- bout his trip to the big city.

havin a close encounter with a nuther blogger gives ye a chants to larn a lot. tiz true in real life as well. ifn ye wonta larn sumthin more bout sumbidy or sumthang, ye gut to cum a lil closer.

tiz our hope to drop in on im whenever we git down to tennessee, witch were bettin on the end of october now on a counta we hope to take a trip to ohio to see miz bds mom early in october. but everthang deepends on when we kin close on our dwellin.

have a grate day, yall.

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