Friday, September 02, 2005

pinions of buddy don: no deefents

tomorra them vols starts thar season n im trine to be all eggcited bout it even ifn tiz almos impossibull to thank bout innythang ceptn that hurricane katrina n all its dun led to.

fer sum reason, thankin bout them vols cummencin thar season n thankin bout that hurricane makes me thank bout genrull Robert R. Neyland n how he made his fame a'usin deefents, puntin on 3rd down now n then, that kinda thang.

them vols won a'doin it. durin the reglar season of 1939, they wuz unbeaten, untied n unscored upon. sadly, usc beat em in the rose bowl 14-0 a'usin thar own deefents agin us.

i git to wundern why we dint have no deefents agin that thar hurricane. no way to git them folks evacuated, no help fer days fer so minny folks, no plan fer such a deesaster. no deefents. we jes wuznt reddy.

taint lack we dint know twuz a'cummin on us, but we dint do nuthin bout it.

no deefents.

wunder why we dint have no deefents?

twuz that thar war in iraq. all the money spent thar couldnt be spent on deefents ... all the nashunull guards in iraq couldnt be used on deefents ... all that equipment thats over thar in iraq couldnt be used on deefents.

member how them that wuz fer the iraq war lacked to say we couldnt afford to have a defentsiv war? we had to take the fite to them terrsts. beat em over thar so they wont attack us over here. n ifn they aint attackin over here, we dont need no deefents.

besides, twood take a lot of money n men n equipment.

so we dint. we jes seen us five days proof of that.

cawz when that hurricane katrina cum on us, we dint have no deefents.

o whar is genrull neyland when we need him?

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