Saturday, September 24, 2005

mazement of buddy don: weaker?

i been playin round with sonnets lately, trine to rite my pinions with rhymes. fer doin that, i lack to use a cuple grate tools frum the innernets. ifn yer a'gone rite ye sum rhymes, tiz a good idee to use a rhymin dickshunairy, witch i lack to use one name of rhymezone.

corse, ye caint always find jes the rite wurd or sumtimes ye git ye a wurd lack 'orange' that dont hardly rhyme with nuthin else, so ye need to use ye sumthin fer synonyms, witch everbidy knows that wood be a thesaurus. i been usin one frum a site name of tiz purty good on a counta how ye gut four thangs ye kin search frum one site:
  • a dickshunairy
  • a thesaurus
  • a encyclopedia
  • the web
i caint say i ever had no cumplaint bout that site befor. whut they do is give ye ansers frum a slew of dickshunairies. ye kin git translayshuns n puzzles n have the wurd of the day sent to ye.

but wuz i ever amazed whenever i wuz lookin fer a synonym fer the wurd 'weaker'! heres whut i gut:
  • frum Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.1.1) ye larn that the main entry fer 'weaker' is 'fair sex' n the definishun is female sex. heres the synonyms they give fer the wurd 'weaker':
    gentle sex, second sex, softer sex, weaker sex, women, womenfolk
  • frum that same sorce, ye gut a nuther main entry, witch thisns 'female' with the definishun 'woman' n this amazin list of synonyms:
    amazon, babe, beauty, broad, cheesecake, chichi, cupcake, cutie, dame, doll, dowager, duchess, femme, filly, fox, frail, gal, gentlewoman, girl, hussy, kid, lady, madam, mama, matron, old bat, old lady, old woman, petticoat, piece, pinup, seductress, she, she-stuff, shrew, siren, sis, skirt, temptress, ten, tomato, weaker sex, wench, wren
  • but wait, thays more, still frum that same roget's thesaurus. third one has main entry of 'gentle sex' with definishun of 'female sex.' the synonyms aint gittin no nicer neethur:
    air sex, softer sex, weaker sex, womankind, women
  • n ifn that aint a nuff, ye gut one more shot frum rogets, this with main entry of 'lady,' definishun of 'woman' n this list of synonyms:
    adult, babe, bag, baroness, bitch, broad, butterfly, contessa, countess, dame, doll, duchess, empress, female, gal, gentlewoman, girl, little woman, mama, mare, matron, missus, mistress, noblewoman, old bag, old lady, old woman, petticoat, princess, queen, queen bee, rib, squaw, sultana, weaker sex
is it jes me, or wuz ye also specktin to git sum kind a synonym that meant sumthin that wuznt a woman, jes weaker, sumthin lack 'less strong' or 'more anemic' or 'limper' or 'punier' or 'sicklier' or mos innythang. but all ye git is women.

i been on this earth moren fifty years. been marrd moren once. been studyin women off n on the hole time. i half to be honest: weaker aint whut i wood use to deescribe em!

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