Saturday, September 17, 2005

pinions of buddy don: the gang the couldnt add strate

the gang that couldnt add strate

we need to buy a calculator for
the folks in the administration who
seem not to know how to approach the chore
of getting four by adding two plus two

for if they knew how to do basic math
they soon would notice that you can't produce
a deficit reduction of one half
while spending more as taxes are reduced

and while we're at it we should proffer them
a map to help them find reality
their optimism we would not condemn
except that it is based on fantasy

run flood relief by one who sprang the leak?
so, paddle-less, they're up a famous creek!

[note frum buddy don: my pallgies fer not ritin much the past few days. i knew i wood be wurkin verr long hours windsdy thru fridy -- 15 n 16 hour days -- so i gut a few pitchers reddy to have sumthin to post but dint have no time to rite. i hope i never half to wurk so hard or long agin!]

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