Tuesday, September 13, 2005

pomes of buddy don: the truth shall set them free

the truth shall set them free

now that the levees of spin have been breached
and even the faithful cannot be reached
how will the partisans ever conceal
the flood of cruel truth, its stench all too real?

and how as the waters are pumped and drained
is so much asserted but nothing explained?
and where is the wedge, abortion or gay,
to distract the base till this fades away?

and who will persuade the heads on tv
to quit doing stories about what they see?
to play both sides now, their favorite game
where whoever's guilty, they aren't to blame!

yes, how will they win in two thousand six
with so little left in their bag of tricks?
when all see their spin is superficial
and truth no lamb, no lamb sacrificial!

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