Thursday, October 21, 2004

releaf of buddy don: a docter lack sherlock holmes

the past three mornins, i gut up n felt a lil sick to my stumach, but i dint thank nuthin of it till miz bd gut up. then whenever i put on the lite, i could see that the problem wuz a nuther migrane a'cummin on. i dun whut i had to do, sent my notes to wurk n tuck my medicin, witch i been a'usin zomig nasal spray.

yesterdy mornin wuz wurser than ever, so miz bd started trine to call the docters. tuck her till noon to git one n he tole us to call tuthern, the newrologist, so thats jes whut miz bd dun. the newrologist is a docter name of dr mauskopf, witch hes the head of the new york headache center n the one that hepped me so much las sprang. he had put me on a twice daily dosage of migraleaf -- witch that consists of magnesium, vitamin b 6, n feverfew -- n sumthin called coenzyme 10 q. he also gut me to quit takin migrane strangth excedrin with caffein n tole me to drank as lil coffee as i could, tho twood be ok to have now n then.

i figgerd he had dun found the anser on a counta i dint have but a minor episode or two frum then till lately. i made it thru the hole summer without a sangle problem. but the weather changed n the tail of the hurricane cum thru, n thar i wuz, wishin i could vomit the hole thang away.

then i gut sick in october only ye couldnt say twuz eggzackly lack the weather change that i figgerd wuz to blame. turnt out thay wuz a reason, but not the one i wuz a'lookin fer. i dint find it out till yesterdy, when dr mauskopf called back.

i wuz in bed (whar else?) when the phone rung lack a bomb a'goin off. i anserd it n we spoke bout whut wuz a'happenin. furst thang he dun wuz made me take a duble dose of the zomig. he sed once i had dun tuck it, i shouldnt suffer no more symptums, witch i wuz suffern when he tole me, but the medicin wurked purty quick.

then he sed i had to be doon sumthin differnt, so we went over everthang he tole me to do, witch i been a'doon jes that. then he ast me wuz i eatin soup frum a can or frum a restrunt? turnt out i had been a'doon jes that. fack is, miz bd found sum soup frum one of our favert restrunts n brought home mayhap a dozen cans of it. twuz verr tasty. once i gut sick this week, i dint feel lack eatin much of nuthin on a counta how a migrane makes me feel lack i gut to vomit sumthin terrbull. so after i had been a'sleepin off the medicin all day n gut to feelin a lil better, we wood eat sum that soup each evenin till last nite. dr mauskopf sed he bet the soup wuz the problem on a counta how msg n minny simlar thangs used fer preservin thangs ack as triggers fer migranes. miz bd wuz a'lookin at the label even befor i had hung up, n she cunfirmed whut the docter had deeducted.

i went back to sleep under the duble dose of the medicin, but whenever i woke up, i dint have a sangle symptum. miz bd had dun baked sum bread n made a lil salad fer dinner. this mornin, i dont feel nun of them symptums. i hope tiz over. i half to add mitt, twuz a grate releaf whenever dr mauskopf figgerd whut wuz probly causin the problem.

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