Tuesday, October 05, 2004

mizry of buddy don: five six stages of migraine

denial: furst, ye caint bleev tiz happenin agin. fer me, it cums a cuple ways n ifn i could tell whut wuz a'happnin sooner, mayhap i wood avoid sum of the wurser parts of it. but since the furst step is denial, that dont happen.

so i knew u wuz feelin a lil odd on sundy evnin, but i figgerd twuz jes that i wuz tired n a lil deepressed over how cumpletely auburn tuck them vols apart. n twuz a sundy evenin n even ifn i luv my job -- n i do -- thays sumthin bout sundy evenin thats a lil deepressin n tiresum. so i dint thank i wuz a'havin one even tho round seven pm miz bd woke me up frum whar i wuz sittin in my chair asleep without even knowin it. almost seems lack miz bd knows when tiz a'gone happen, but she caint be shore neethur.

anger: corse it makes ye mad to thank ye mite be a'gittin a nuther migraine. twood be a lil easier ifn mine cum the way most of em duz, with pain in the hed. in sted, mine starts as a sick feelin in yer stumach only tiz rite above whar yer stumach really lives. half in denial, all in anger, i take sumthin lack a rollaid fer the nausea, but it dont wurk.

bargainin: by the time i real eyes how it dont matter ifn i git mad or not, the thang is a'gone happen, then i try to hold it off long a nuff to try a cuple thangs. fer one, i lack to thank ifn i go back to bed fer a lil while, i mite could wake up n not have it, so i give thatn a try yesterdy mornin. corse, it dint wurk n probly made thangs wurser. innywho, after trine to sleep fer bout half a hour, i cum back downstairs n gut out my blackberry sos i could let everbidy know i wuznt a'gone make it in. tiz part of the bargainin on a counta i probly should take the medicin as soon as i add mitt i gut the migraine, but i know bout as quick as i take it, i wont be able to do much of nuthin, so i grit my teeth agin vomitin n rite the notes to let folks know i wont be thar. innywho, ritin them notes leads strate to . . .

deepresshun: tiz a awful feelin to add mitt ye wont be able to do yer duty fer the day n fer me, tiz one of the mos deepressin moments thay is on a counta how ye know thays a'gone be a time that death its ownself cums a'knockin n after that, tiz all she rote. bein laid up in the middle of life is lack that, verr deepressin. by that point, thay aint no reason lef not to do whut ye gut to do, witch is to take yer medicine, witch fer me thats zomig by nasal spray so it wurks bout as quick as ye take it n take a few breaths. that leads ye strate to . . .

acceptance: corse, ye gut to accept it after ye take yer medicine on a counta ye wont be doon much of nuthin fer a while afterds. it kindly knocks ye rite out n lets ye sleep all day long, witch thats a stage of dyin n larnin that ye gut a migraine thats jes alike, witch ye mite call thatn the sixth stage or . . .

oblivion: mayhap this is the bes part, ceptn i always lack wakin up n havin miz bd say, yer back! reckon that mite not happen when tiz ackshly death, so tiz one way a migraine is a lot better.

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