Tuesday, October 19, 2004

mizry of buddy don: tiz this season?

yesterdy mornin, i posted the last message early, befor 4 am. i wuz trine to cunvints myself i dint have no migrane a'startin up. i did my post, tuck my shower, gut reddy early, went to wurk. but by the time i wuz almost thar, i couldnt hardly keep my eyes open on a counta how i couldnt take the lite, witch that leads to the nausea. i writ my team at wurk a lil note, walked back to port authority with my eyes clozed, tuck my medicin on the bus, n fell into bed. today i feel almos transparent, insubstanchul, as if the fite had dun been washed outta me. i wish i could figger whut wuz makin me have these thangs. could it be eatin out? last two times i had migranes, we et out on a sundy n the problem woke me up early the nex day.

so heres a quick migrane jurnal of the last four attacks:
  1. februwary 9-14: longest stretch of migrane problems ever, witch thatn led me to go fer a mri etc to make short twernt nuthin else. finely met dr. mauskopf, witch he's the one gut me as well as i am now by reckommendin i take migralief n coenzyme 10 q everday, witch it slowed em down a lot.
  2. march 27, a saturdy: i wuz thankful it dint cum on a weekday n make me miss wurk. caint member much bout it, but miz bd noted how the barometrick presshur dun changed verr fast.
  3. september 25, twuz a nuthern, but twuz a satrudy, so i wuz countin blessins.
  4. october 4: a mundy, wurse day to have one. i notice we et out the day befor n mayhap they had sumthin in the food that makes em happen, sumthin lack msg, witch we dun figgerd that is a problem.
  5. october 18, yesterday: a nuther mundy. i dint wonta add mitt i wuz havin it, but that dint change nuthin. agin, we et out on the sundy befor. i reckun we gut to quit a'doon that or at lease makin shore we eat at places we dun et befor.
i figger the medicin dr mauskopf give me wuz good to make them migranes cum less often, but thays still sumthin i caint figger out bout avoidin em. tuther thang to larn is how the nex day, ye mite feel transparent, but folks kin see ye n generly seems lack thangs gits better as the day wears on.

damnitall, as i rite here, i gut that stupid halo affeck a'goin on, witch i caint ignore whut it means n i dont wonta add mitt i could be havin the same thang agin. i dun showerd n gut reddy to go.


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