Wednesday, October 27, 2004

fambly of buddy don: entertainin mama

mama cum to visit us on saturdy, witch twuz the furst time she had cum up here since 1997. i tuck a cuple days off n mz bd made out a plan fer mama to be a queen fer a weekend, witch thats jes the kinda thang mama lacks. heres a list of sum of the hi points:
  • she gut here on saturdy, witch her plane landed at laguardia at 3:40 n we tuck a cab to the ferry n the ferry over to here jes in time to catch the secunt half of the alabama game. twuz a hi point whenever them vols won!
  • we tuck her over to the sheraton hotel in weehawken whar she wuz a'stayin, witch tiz rite on the hudson with a view of man hattan. we et a room servus dinner, witch twuz rite tasty.
  • nex day we gut on the ferry boats agin n tuck a trip up the hudson to tarytown on a tour name of the kykuit cruise. we stopped to visit a place name of "Philipsburg Manor, a working Dutch-Colonial farm" n had us a bite to eat.
  • nex we tuck a bus up to kykuit, witch thats whar them rockerfellers lived n twuz lack a palace of sum kind only without them huge ball rooms. whut amazed us all wuz how down to earth twuz n how them rockerfellers wuz so big on filanthropy. thay wuz real compashnut cunservatives even if not everbidy wood agree.
  • we made it back to the city by 6 pm n gut a cab over to vatan fer dinner with them kids.
  • nex day i gut a migrane, but miz bd had dun made such a good plan dint even mama know bout it. miz bd had found a day spa name of marma day spa over in hoboken whar mama went in roun noon n dint cum out till 7 pm. they give her the wurks with mud baths n manicures n pedicures n more mud baths n a one-hour massage n yew name it. she cum out verr happy n relaxed. by then i wuz mosly over the migrane n everbidy wuz hungry
  • we went back over to mamas hotel n et in a restrunt name of spirito grill, witch the food wuz amazin.
  • bout thonly thang lef to do wuz git mama packed up sos we could take her to her plane.
aint no doubt she enjoyed herself. questchun is, will she wait a nuther seven years befor she cums back? we hope not.

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