Wednesday, October 13, 2004

celebrayshuns of buddy don: happy lunaversary!

me n miz bd is verr happly marrd to whar we lacks to celebrate ever munth on the 13th on a counta how we gut marrd on the 13th of march in edinburgh, scotland sum number of years ago. fack is, we gut marrd agin in new york a few munths after sos we could have a current marrg certificate to git sum inshurants fer her (we lacks to celebrate that day as 'a day that will live in inshurants').

so ever munth on the 13th, we wish one a nuther a happy lunaversary n try to do sumthin speshul together. tonite we plan to celebrate by attedin a free johnnie walker scotch tastin name of the journey of taste. we been on that jurney ever since we gut started on scotch back in feberwary or march of 2004. we hope twill take us to scotland next year -- islay in particular, tho we'd luv to hike the speyside way n visit the orkney islands n minny a nuther place. whenever we wuz a'gittin marrd, we dint know nuthin bout no scotch n hadnt never even tasted it. sum folks say we wasted our trip thar, but twuz moren wurth it on a counta twuz whar i marrd the bestn in the worl.

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