Monday, December 22, 2003

styles of buddy don:
shavin the beerd off

me n miz bd gut marrd back in 1997, witch thars a huge tale that hangs by that n ye kin read the hole thang ifn i kin complete the life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. thang is, i had been keepin a beerd n must ash fer over fifteen years n bes i kin recolleck, the must ash hadnt been scraped off since the early 70s. so i promissed her i wood give her a look at my upper lip n so forth n since yesterdy wuz the winter solstice, seemed lack twood be a good time to doot. tuck a lil while to git all the hair cut off but now she kin see whut she aint never seen befor n so far she seems to lack it purty good. no doubt till be a topick ima gone half to splain to sum folks today at wurk. the result looks lack a plucked chicken to me, but miz bd sez it looks rite nice so ima gone see if i kin keep it off fer at lease a munth.

the idee is to give me sumthin i kin use to build my will power. ever mornin i git up n have maybe as much as 2 hours to surf the web n rite innythang befor i half to go to wurk. i figger if i kin make myself git into the shower earlier, witch havin to shave should make that necessary, then i should have a lil more time fer ritin. as ye kin see, it dint wurk so well today, but then my face is still a lil chafed frum bein scraped, so i aint shavin today.

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