Tuesday, December 23, 2003

lost wurks of buddy don:
blogweaver 3, buddy don 0

once agin, i been beat by that stupid blogweaver program. i wuz near thru with a new chaptur name of 'lost souls,' when as im typin away, suddenly the program jes disappears, gone with no trace lef. i know i oughta save my wurk as i go along n i dun gut to the point whar i save it ifn im bout to do sumthing speshul, lack make bullet points or use numberin, but i guess i need to larn to copy everthang into notepad or sumthin ever time i git past a cuple paragrafs.

tiz a awful thang to lose yer creative wurk. ifn ye wont to git back whut ye los, ye half to rite it all down agin, n as inny riter knows, tiz near impossibull to cunvints yerself that the secund vershun is as good as the one that gut away.

ackshly, whut makes this hole thang so painful is how playin blogweaver is a lot lack playin golf: the only opponent ye gut is yer ownself.

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