Friday, December 19, 2003

pinions of buddy don:
depends on whut the meanin of 'half' is

aint it grate how our gummint has gut em this plan to cut the deficit in half by the year 2009? questchuns ye mite have are

(1) half of whut? n
(2) whut is half?

as fer half of whut, tiz half of this years projected deficit of $500,000,000,000, witch that's half a trillion. ifn tiz half of that, twood be gittin it down to only $250,000,000,000, witch that aint no whar near the all time high frum last year of $374,000,000,000 n twood only be the fifth highest all time (up to now).

corse, thays sum that wood look at the deficit not as dollars but as percents. lookin at it thataway, this years projected deficit wood be 4.4% of the gdp, n half of that would be 2.2% of whut the gdp is speckted to be in 2009. ifn ye use that method, ye wood only have to git the deficit down to $320,000,000,000 to cut it in half, witch by then $320,000,000,000 wont be nowhar near a record innymore, tho tiz purty close at the moment.

how kin they git such a thang dun?

simple: limit spendin, witch as everbidy knows, is a speshulty of them publicans. they dun cut the growth in fedrul spending on innythang not related to the recesshun or the war on terror to jes a lil over half:

55% of increases are fer 'other spendin,'
34% fer defense, n
11% for 9/11 (lease accordin to the heritage foundayshun)

tiz real good news on a counta diggin yer hole by only half as much leaves ye with hardly a hole at all.

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