Tuesday, December 16, 2003

pinions of buddy don:
now that we gut saddam, mayhap we kin git sum ansers

ten questchuns i wood lack to have anserd:

  1. whutever becum of the $1.2 billyun in credit ye gut frum bush the furst after ye had been gassin them kurds, witch wuznt they yer own folk?
  2. whut did you n donald rumsfeld talk bout whenever he cum fer his visit on the tenth of december in 1983?
  3. whenever ye started the 8 year war with iran, wuz ye egged on by carter n brzezinski?
  4. how did ye feel whenever presdent raygun declared iraq wusnt no terrist nashun in february of 1982?
  5. whutever becum of the "computerized database for [yer] interior ministry, satellite military intelligence, tanks and cluster bombs, deadly bacteriological samples, and the very helicopters that [ye used] to spew poison gas over [yer] own Kurd citizens," witch thats jes sum of the stuff we dun give ye (barry lando)
  6. how minny of the folk in them mass graves wuz shiites that tride to rebel agin ye with united states encouragement after ye had been whupped in the furst gulf war?
  7. how minny of the folk in them mass graves wuz kurds that tride to rebel agin ye with encouragement frum presidents startin with nixon n keepin on rite thru clinton?
  8. kin ye call off them gorillas n git em to quit attackin coalishun forces?
  9. whar did ye hide yer weppons of mass destruckshun?
  10. since ye been in cahoots with him, mayhap ye kin tell us whar is osama bin laden?

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