Friday, December 05, 2003

pinions of buddy don:
kissin yer jobs goodbye -- thar leavin the cuntry!

since 1988 i been wurkin on wall street. fer ten years i wurked at one of the big five n gut to be as hi as vee pee. afterds i tuck to consultin till that firm gut knocked out of bizness by 9/11 (we wuz jes two blocks away n mos of the folks that owed us money had jes lost hole departments n wuz in no posishun to pay us), so twuz jes a while till i wuz back at one of the big five on wall street. i aint a vee pee innymore, but i make a better wage n the cumpny is much better.

reason i mentchun that is how i gut a call frum a ole frien yesterdy. she wurks at the first wall street firm i wurked at, n she wonted to brang me up to date on whut thar doin with tech support, witch is they have a plan to outsource it n use the current employees fer six munths n then to 'off-shore' as much of it as they kin. ye mite have dun herd bout how wages is lower overn india n the philippines, amung otherns. she wuz wurried bout losin her own job after wurkin at the same place fer the las 20 years n shes hopin maybe thay mite be a place fer her at our firm.

but we dun gut a passel of folks a wurkin fer us in mumbai n manilla, n more a'goin thar everday, so thay aint much room lef fer folks frum this cuntry to git them kinda jobs. lucky fer me the bankers lacks to talk to real folk face to face now n then, n so far they aint figgerd out how to off shore that funkshun.

thays a book everbidy who cares bout this cuntry oughta take the time to read, witch thats a book i rote bout a while ago name of wealth and democracy by kevin philips. amung the minny thangs he splains in that book is how thays been four dominant global economick powers in modern times: (1) spain, (2) beligum, (3) england, n (4) usa. he points out how thays a few steps the furst three used in gittin frum dominunt global power to also ran, witch ye mite have dun noticed how we're doin our best to follow in the footsteps of the furst three:

  1. change from perduckshun to fine ants

  2. becum debtor nayshun, witch ifn ye scrol down ye kin see we becum a debtor nayshun in 1985 fer the furst time since 1914

  3. invest muny overseas fer cheep labor

  4. git stuck in a long war or series of wars

he also points out how the growin disparity of wealth heps the hole downfall to occur, witch were a'wurkin on thatn also. in 1960, 40% of the folks held half the wealth. now tiz 20%. fer sum reason, ceo salaries has increased by 1000% since 1980. whut are they a'doin to earn 10 times as much money as befor?

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