Friday, January 30, 2004

pinions of buddy don:
willpower n sickness

ever mornin i get up, generly around 3:30 am on a counta i cant hardly sleep till 4 no matter whut i try, n i have one idee in mind, witch i always plan to rite a nuther chaptur on the novel ima wurkin on, life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. i keep a copy as a wurd document sos i kin tell how minny manuscript pages its gut n i reckon i should feel purty good bout gittin it up to app. 770 manuscript pages or app. 230,000 wurds. the hole plot wood take it till i gut to mayhap 2,000 pages n 700,000 wurds.

so i shouldnt feel too bad when i wake up sick n tired n jes plum outta inny energy fer ritin. i know that ifn i had the willpower to push harder, mayhap i wood rite innyway, but seems that whenever yer sick, tiz hard to cunvints yerself to have willpower over innythang.

so twuz today. i have the nex chaptur purty well wurked out in my mind n ye mite wood thank twood be nuthin to doot, but seems lack tiz a mountain ye half to climb everday. why dont it git no easier?

so looks lack i should make it thru today n have the weekend to recover frum whuts ailin me n then git back to a nuther hard week of wurk, witch tiz never lessn 55 hours thar n sumtimes more dependin on whut hotfixes microsoft dun released or whuther a new wurm has made it into our enviromint or whutnot. so ima hopin we dont git nun of that nex week.

i wish i could promiss all three of my readers how i wood rite sumthin tomorrow, but thays a nuther problem thar, witch seems lack whenever i have plenty of time to rite, lack on a saturdy, i jes dont git a round tuit, but when i only have the hour or two in the mornin befor wurk, its use it or lose it. so i use it lack as not.

this willpower stuff is hard on a counta ye dont never really git no momentum goin. in sted, ye gut to git started brand new ever sangle day.

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