Wednesday, January 28, 2004

pinions of buddy don:
sick, but not that sick

last nite it cummenced a'snowin around 7 pm n did its best to snow all nite long. corse, this bein the grate northeast, folks wuz out a'scrapin the white stuff offn the roads furst thang this mornin, witch that means the bus is lackly to run n take me to wurk. twood be a blessin ifn wall street wuz to close on such snow days, but that could be problematick in the long run if tiz true that more snow n bad weather is lackly to cum as the polar ice caps keep on a'meltin.

innywho, that lil tickle in my throat has turnt into a lil pain in my ear, the kinda symptums that means my bidy wonts to have a cold, but i cant be off frum wurk at the moment. fer one thang, my boss is off nex week n that means i have to take care of thangs he normally gits, witch thatll mean gittin reddy to handle the thangs on his plate. fer a nuther, tiz a real busy time on wall street.

speakin of wall street, i been wurkin thar [here] fer the past 16 years, n heres sumthin i have noticed bout bankers. when times is bad, meanin thay aint hardly no wurk fer yer investment bankers, them bankers gits rite chatty n friendly, but they kin turn vicious in a instunt. when the economy gits on the mend, they git happy but too busy fer ye. ifn thangs keep heatin up, we should be seein yer cranky bankers: thems bankers that knows they couldnt possibly make all the money thays out thar to be made even ifn they could double thar staffs n wurk without sleepin.

at the moment thangs is heddin fer the cranky banker, but thays one thang differnt bout thangs makin them bankers cranky this time. whenever they wuz gittin cranky back in 87 or mosly frum 93 till 2000, they wuz as cranky as they could be, but ye had one thang goin fer ye: ifn ye gut fed up with them bankers, ye could always git a nuther job. thay wood be hed hunters a'callin ye up, astin ifn ye wuznt reddy to make a change.

nowadays, the hedhunters are callin to ast do ye need innybidy? n the resumes that cum in chasin yer basick administrative assistunt jobs has got years of eggsperients n sumtimes post-graduwait degrees. tiz a verr ruff job market.

n thats a nuther reason i cant stay home even ifn i am feelin sick. im lucky a nuff to have whut they call a 'client facing' job, meanin tiz the kinda job ye cant do frum india or the philippines or china. but that dont mean thay aint a slew of folks with grate resumes a'chasin my job. so i slept too late to rite a nuther chaptur on that novel, life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, hopin the exter sleep kin hep me keep frum gittin too sick. or ifn i kin jes hold it off till the weekend, mayhap i kin be sick then.

tiz a ruff worl n i have to remind myself ever day how im one of the lucky ones that gits to go to wurk, even when im sick, but not that sick.

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