Wednesday, January 07, 2004

fambly tribulayshuns of buddy don:
bes muther-in-law in the hole worl falls n brakes her bones

the holiday season fer the buddy don fambly wuz a goodn at the beginnin on a counta how miz bds mama, witch we generly call her 'grandmom,' cum to visit. it made the holiday fer the hole fambly. she lives in ohio n doesnt git out a hole lot. it tuck massive perswayshun to git her to cum fer her granddaughters graduwayshun frum columbia university, witch she gut her masters in cultcherul antrhopolgy.

after makin that trip, the concep of travel to whut say uncle lacks to call 'hell' but whut local folks calls 'jersey' n whut the maps mark as 'new jersey' wuz prooved. so twuznt easy fer her to git outta cumin fer christmus, speshly when her grandson had jes moved to jersey his ownself.

so cum she did, gittin here on christmus day n stayin till the 28th. we had a wunderful time startin with dinner on christmus n includin dinner at zlata praha on fridy nite n a visit to the recent graduwait's apartmint in the columbia area of manhattan on saturdy. she rode the subway n treated the hole metropoltun area lack twuz a theme park.

lack ye mite eggspeck, twuz bof good n a bit stressful on miz bd to have the hole fambly together fer the furst time in about a decade, so me n her wuz jes windin down n startin to enjoy new years eve when we gut a call frum ohio: grandmom had fallen n broke her leg n sholder. twuz a paneful thang to here bout on a counta such thangs shouldnt happen to such good peeple. but they duz.

innywho, miz bds bruther ast her could she call the reltives down in tennessee n splain whut had happent. she gut roun to callin one bunch, a hillbilly fambly thats still in the hills n not out wanderin lack we are. her uncle vern anserd the phone n tuck the news in tipicull hillbilly silents n then ast, wuz she standin on a stool? she wuz, a'trine to take the christmus tree down herself even tho her son had promissed he wood doot fer her.

she dun been thru a operayshun to start puttin her back together n she gits out inny day now. nex step is fer her to git into sum kinda rehab place, so miz bds gone take a plane out to ohio this afternoon so she kin give her bruther sum hep in takin care of grandmom. twill be hard to be without her since we havent been apart moren a nite or so (whenever i wuz havin one of my back surgeries) since we gut marrd n set up our own housekeepin.  shes spozed to be back by early nex week.

awful thang is, she aint even gone, but im alreddy missin her.

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