Thursday, February 19, 2009

waka of budouadana: bulbs

Planted tulip bulbs,
Though buried beneath dark earth,
Will faithfully sprout
In time to welcome the spring —
So our souls grow from hardship.


Anne Johnson said...

That thar grandson a yourn is a cutie pie! Face lak an angel. Well, I am readin shoot the devil and am a good ways in it now, and I'm a-feelin purty glad I wuz jes enough behin BD in age sos I din git in with all theevil weed n the sexchul revlution and all that. but it sure is intrestin to read bout.

buddydon said...

thankee fer them kind wurds bout that thar yungn. i never figgerd a grandchile wood be so speshul ... even bettern kids!
n thanks fer readin shoot the devil. i kindly figgerd bd orta go thru most everthang folks wuz a'doin durin his time ...