Wednesday, February 18, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: cherry & wite chocklut oatmeal cookies

the last migraine wuz one of the wurst ever. tuck a hole 7 days to end, n even then twuz knocked out by steroids (i take that lastn today). started on a fridy nite, witch that jes made me maddern a wet hen. by the next fridy, i gut to takin them steroids to whar i wuz feelin purty good on sundy.

so i baked up a mess of cookies. i putt in cherries, bof candied n dried, sum wite chocklut, oatmeal, pecans, a lil Jack Daniels (ye orta try it sum time), n all started with kerrygold butter.

heres whut they cum out lookin lack ...

we tuck a cuple duzen of em whenever we went to visit our tony n sarah n our grandson ezekiel, witch as ye kin see, he is a'growin up quickern kudzu kin cover yer woods!

miz bd wuz splainin sumthin she had herd sum years ago, witch twuz about how whenever ye git old, yer bidy gits to hurtin in new places, yer senses begins to dim, ye caint walk as quick as ye used to, yew name it. but thays a big payoff round that time of life: grandchildren! they make everthang wurthwhile ... so heres a nuther pitcher of that happy lad ...

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Anonymous said...

I have come back to look at this one every day since the 18th. I love kids but the thought of grandchildren still scares me to death.

I have two daughters, both married and I would expect grandchildren are in my future.

But it still scares me to death.