Sunday, February 01, 2009

waka of budouadana: Lizard

a feller name of BitLizard wuz kind a nuff to let me post the waka i writ fer his book, witch he wuz the furst persun to order one. heres whut he wonted his waka to be about:
Hi Buddy Don -

I'm happy to follow your Mom at #2, overjoyed in fact. I'm not sure how to pick the words for the waka, but maybe you can do something with the words lizard and joy. :-) How's that for challenge!

Chopped, numbered, signed with a personalized waka... who could ask for more? Cheers...
so heres the waka i writ in his book:
The lizard slithers
Stealthily through the brush,
Seeking a rock warmed
By beams of the glowing sun,
Where he can bask joyfully.
it duz my hart good that thays folks a'wontin to read it. mayhap yer one of em? click here fer details on whut ye git n here ifn ye wonta go ahead in git yourn.

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