Monday, February 09, 2009

pitchers tuck by buddy don: bakin yer way out of a migraine

twuz a tuff weekend fer us on a counta bout twenty mints after i gut home on fridy, thay couldnt be no doubt i wuz havin a migraine, witch they dont hardly never cum inny time late in the day. twuz verr hard to ackcept on a counta i wuz shore hopin on havin a reglar weekend fer a change, witch seems lack i have had sum degree of migraine ever weekend since the one befor chrismus.

innywho, twuz still a'goin on saturdy so i slept fer a while n then gut a idee of sumthin that mite could hep. i have notissd that sumtimes a migraine wood disappear whilst i wuz a'doin sumthin verr simple that take a few steps, lack takin a shower. i had dun tride that without effeck, so i figgerd twood be wurth it to try makin a carrot cake.

so happens them yunguns went in together to git me a kitchenaid stand mixer, witch they had also orderd a cook book to go with it n that tuck a long time ere it cum. twuz in fridy evenins mail.

i putt myself to the task of makin a carrot cake, witch miz bd had sed she wonted one n she had even gut the carrot fer it (turns out twuz nashunull carrot cake day). tuck a lot longern it shoulda dun on a counta seemd lack i had to study rite hard to figger each step out, but it cum out lookin purty good:

this week or nex thays lackly to be sum more layoffs, even at goodbank whar i wurk, witch i shore do hope to make it past the cut agin. ifn we do, mayhap twill be time to bake a cake to celebrate.

meanwhile, i am givin thanks fer a nuther day of life, thisn without no migraine.

n a gigantick thankee fer that book order that cum in last nite! twuz a grate way to end a purty sad weekend.

ifn ye aint orderd yourn yet, ye kin still git in on the deal i am a'runnin on the furst 49 copies only! click here ifn ye wonta take add vantage of it.

ye kin also git it frum amazon by clickin here, witch ifn yer one of the few incredibully precipient folks that has dun red it, why dont ye click that amazon lank n rite a revue? ye never know, but it mite hep sell a book or two.


red molly said...

buddy don, now who is making whom hungry. Great looking cake. I have that same brand/style mixer and it does mix well. I have made a lot of carrot cakes as it is one of my family's favorite.

I hope the book sales are going well. I just started reading my copy this weekend and I am about half way finished. It is truly an entertaining and adventurous story written by a very talented storyteller. The hillbilly dialect is perfect and will wrap around the reader creating a sense that the story is being read out loud to them by buddy don.

BitLizard said...

bd - I think I gained about 5 pounds just looking at those pics. Oh well, one of these days that will be back on my diet at least occasionally. I'm glad I don't suffer from migranes... sounds horrible.

-- Ron