Monday, December 19, 2005

pomes of buddy don: two vues

one vue
If we cannot violate
The constitution we defend,
How can we annhilate
The enemies who wish to end
Our liberty inviolate,
Our rule of law and not of men?

I am the president, you see,
The law's for others, not for me.
nuther vue
The Constitution is a piece of paper, after all.
You could frame a replica and hang it on your wall.
You could treat it as you would the relic of a saint
Could pray to it or worship it, there would be no complaint.

But if you are the president of these United States
You made an oath: article two, section one, clause eight.
From that there is no hint that you could be beyond its reach
Your charge is to defend it; if you don't, you get impeached.
i wunder witch vue will win? i know witchn orta.

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